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We believe economic growth comes from fueling entrepreneurial endeavors and funding innovation. It is a mindset.
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Inside Secrets Member Resource Portal

Vital documents & tools included as a Companion to Inside Secrets to Angel Investing

With the purchase of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing you will receive complimentary basic membership into the National Network of Angle Investors and the member Resource Center.
Within the Resource Center you will find these valuable resources and more:

  • Private Equity Due Diligence Check List
  • Private Business Ownership & NPV Calculators
  • Entrepreneur Questions Worksheet
  • Company Review Assessment Scoring Tool
  • Sample Investor Questionnaire (SEC)
  • Capitalization Table White Paper & Sample
  • A Variety of Samples of Offering Documents
  • Inside the deal that made Bill Gates $350,000,000
  • Milestone Tables Example
  • Personal Investment Model Template
  • And more

To build this list of valuable resources on your own, would cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Those evaluation tools created by author, Karen Rands, are based on her 15 years experience as an investor and trainer of investors, so it is likely you may never be able to create on your own. She has generously included them in this portal for less than $20 because she believes in the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and wants you to join in and become committed to the process.
Help her build momentum and honor her gift to you by telling others to get the book and contribute your review on Amazon, LinkedIn, social media and on her blog.

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