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The World Has Changed When it Comes to Investing and Raising Capital.

History has shown that the Greatest Wealth is Created through successful Entrepreneurism.  Every Innovation that improves our lives came from an Entrepreneur with an idea; a strategy to succeed; and the funding to execute.

Be a Compassionate Capitalist that Creates Wealth through Funding Innovation.

The Good News: You can enjoy the rewards of investing as an angel investor in successful businesses without all the risks that come with being a Founder.  Recent regulatory changes have made it easier than ever to add wholesale private equity investments  to your portfolio.

We help Entrepreneurs and Investors create their legacy in the innovation they bring to market and the generational wealth they create.  It is what we do.

The men and women who take the road less traveled and invest in exciting private companies before they go public or get acquired, have the opportunity that few realize – create wealth, leave a legacy of innovation, and have personal pride in knowing they impacted their community with new jobs and opportunities.

We call this the Compassionate Capitalist Movement.    Hire Us. 



Startup Stage

You may have a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP), and even generated some revenue. You need to raise capital. It is discouraging when you have a passion and a belief that your product or service can make a difference in the world, yet no one else seems to 'get it'.
Our Entrepreneur Capital Mastery™ Coaching program teaches and equips you to raise capital from the right kind of investors for your opportunity – saving you time, money, and frustration.


Early Stage

You’ve raised a Seed Round.  You have proven your product and proven that there is a market for it.  Now you need capital to really launch and get to profitability. It is all you can do to keep up the pace you have now, taking time to raise capital seems an impossible feat.  How can you raise capital and run your business at the same time? We will help you, as an extension of your team, to identify and engage sources of capital to take you to the next level. 


Growth Stage

You have been in business for a few years, making over a million in revenue, but feel like you have plateaued.  Your investors are wanting you to grow bigger so you can have the exit you originally forecast. You may have a new product you want to bring out, or you want to grow at a national level.  You just feel in your gut, that if you could get REAL money to grow and scale > bring on staff, have a real marketing and advertising strategy to grow market awareness, launch that new product, or acquire another smaller company > you could grow 10 X your current size, and exit. 

Your investors and your family would be ecstatic.
We have a plan for that.


Private Investors

Investing in successful private companies before they go public or are bought is the 2nd greatest way to accumulate wealth that can have generational impact.  Karen Rands started the Compassionate Capitalist Movement™ to educate men and women with discretionary income and large retirement accounts on how to diversify into private equity, in other words to learn how to become angel investors.  The National Network of Angel Investors™ is a growing virtual network of community centric and special interest based angel investor clubs. Click to learn more about Karen’s expertise and the services she offers investors and angel groups.


We are proud of our results. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of small business owners move to the next level and achieve greater success. Whether they needed a business strategy, product launch, profit maximization, access to capital...or something totally unique to that entrepreneurs circumstances - We have delivered.

The investors we worked appreciated the services we offered that ultimately reduced their risk and increased their return on investment.

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Karen Rands - The Compassionate Capitalist Show


Conversations and Insights Shared with Industry Leaders

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Videos, Podcasts, & Blog

BLM Podcast
Compassionate Capitalist: The Black Lives Prosperity: Past, Present, Future PT2
The wealth gap between white and black communities because of systemic racism and the resulting obstacle for building equity and wealth  is astounding.  This is part 2 of Karen Rands' series on Black Economic Empowerment and Prosperity.  This episode addresses the 10X prosperity gap, as reported by the Brookings Institute (AVG Black Household net worth…
Compassionate Capitalist Perspective on Cancel Culture and Conscious Capitalism
As host of the Compassionate Capitalist Show, Karen Rands shares her perspective on the "Cancel Culture" phenomena within a world were Cash is King and "enlightenment" is rewarded with Compassionate Capitalism and Conscious Capitalism. Up until very recently, shows were cancelled, subscription agreements were cancelled, celebrities got cancelled from shows --frequently in response to poor performance…
Pitching Investors - Female Founders Conquering the Fear
Listen in as Karen Rands and Lauren Kane of VC Worthy Business discuss the changing landscape bringing more Female Founders and Investors to the table for wealth creation through successful entrepreneurship.  Women  traditionally have not had a seat at the proverbial table to attract angel and VC investment.  That is rapidly changing, which is also…

What is the Compassionate Capitalist Movement?

Time is Money.
You shouldn’t have to choose to raise capital
or run your business. Work with a team of experienced professionals so you can do both.

Simple - fundamentals are tried and true.
Proven - over 15 years of success.
Efficient - create a plan, work the plan.

We understand investing in private companies can be risky. We know time may be your most
precious asset. We offer solutions for both.

The Team

Here is a sampling of the Pros you will be working with
Karen Rands

Karen Rands


Kugarand Capital Holdings
>> Launch Funding Network (LAUNCHfn)
>> National Network of Angel Investors (NNOAI)

Burke Franklin

Burke Franklin

Business Power Tools

Business Plan Tool
Business Management Docs
Business Strategy

Paul Hoyt

Paul Hoyt

Hoyt Management Group

Business Coach
Profit Maximizer
Financial Analysis

kelly black

Kelly Black

Premier Media Service, Inc

Corporate & CEO Videos
Promotional Videos
Targeted Digital Placement


Karen has a real heart for matching entrepreneurs and angel investors. She has made a significant impact in our entrepreneurial community. She has been in this business for a long enough time to build a significant network and a great base of investors. She is tireless in her pursuit of success for the entrepreneur and the investor. I recommend her conferences for anyone interested in raising money or looking for good quality private equity investments.


Craig P. Private Investor

Karen was very helpful in answering questions related to the seed investment my company was finalizing. Her expertise was valuable for topics of taxation, investor relations and deal structuring. I look forward to work more with Karen in the future!

Raphael D. Founder Tech Startup

I would encourage any entrepreneur or capital investor to connect with their organization.


Tim M. Broker/Dealer

Karen is an effective leader in matching companies with investment capital. She has created a strong network and built a successful business model around her mission.

Bill D. CEO Life Sciences Company

I have worked with Karen for seventeen years and have known her to be a true professional in all she does. She goes the extra mile for her clients and provides outstanding value with her services. Karen's knowledge of sales, marketing and business practices is outstanding and her enthusiasm and energy enable her to accomplish the difficult tasks that few others could manage.

Jim B. Strategic Alliance Partner

Karen is highly motivated and knows the business of putting together people and companies to foster a deal or relationships. She is a student of different businesses in order to understand every aspect which provides her the knowledge to be of benefit.

Steve R. Private Investor

Karen has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience working in her field and has established quite a reputation as a go-to person for financial consulting and development. I see her as the resource I always seek when I make acquisition and investment decisions. She does set the bar for others to follow.

Ples B. Strategic Partner

Karen and her insight to investors has been very helpful to me in my startup process!

Wayne B. Founder Consumer Products Company

I wish everyone I encountered was this helpful. Straight talking and to the point, Karen brought valuable insight to the situation.

David W. Founder Startup Company

I have valued Karen's involvement in my business as an investor and adviser.   She has helped me navigate the complex world of determining what type of capital, how to structure my capital raise and attract investors.  She has helped me build a business strategy that works for growing and sustaining revenue and making it easier to attract capital.

Chris S. Founder & CEO Edutainment Gaming Company
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