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About Karen Rands

Karen Rands - Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, Speaker, Strategic Advisor
Leading the Compassionate Capitalist Movement

There is a quote that I love.....
sort of my personal philosophy on how to approach life in general & embrace the uncertainties inherent in being an entrepreneur and learning how to be an angel investor.
~ Karen Rands

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Karen Rands Video & Podcast Interviews
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Every innovation, solution to a problem, started with an entrepreneur's idea.

Job creation and economic growth
comes from small businesses
that grow and prosper.


Investing directly into an Entrepreneur Endeavor as a private investor helps bring innovation to market, create jobs, and create wealth that simply does not happen when investing in public companies.

If the greatest wealth is created by being a successful entrepreneur, the next best way is to be an investor in a successful company.   You can have the emotional and financial benefits of entrepreneurism, without all the risks


I understood there was freedom in being a successful entrepreneur.

Ever heard the question -  Is an Entrepreneur borne or bred?
There is usually a combination of borne and bred that leads to success as an entrepreneur.   There has to be a spark inside that compels an entrepreneur to see a problem as an opportunity to create a solution or an opportunity as a problem waiting to be solved. Learning the nuts and bolts of taking an idea and making it a reality, creating a company and generating profits, comes from knowledge and experience.

My Dad had that spark. He saw problems and opportunities and invented solutions.  He persevered through failures to achieve success. He used the "Lean Startup Model" and "Growth Hacked" his way to success long before those became trendy terms.
I never fully appreciated his journey and how it paralleled so many of the entrepreneurs I have met over the years until I was preparing his memorial.  I honored him and shared his story and the lessons I learned from him in the 100th episode of the Compassionate Capital Radio Show... you can listen to the Podcast 

~ Karen Rands

Compassionate Capitalism was born from the understanding that not everyone is wired to be an entrepreneur, but everyone can share in the entrepreneurial dream when they have the capital and resources to invest in a deserving business that will improve our world and our daily lives in some way.

Speaking Topics for Presentations or Interviews

  • Raising Capital
  • Crowdfunding
  • Pitching Investors
  • Stages <> Financing
  • Compassionate Capitalism
  • Buy, Invest or Start a Business
  • Finding & Evaluating Deals
  • DD- Mitigating Risk
  • Economic Development through Funded Innovation
  • Angel Investing - Alternative to Corp Golden Handcuffs
  • Growing Minority & Women Owned Businesses
  • Angel Investing as an Asset Class
  • JOBS Act and Economic Democratization

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