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Startup Stage

If you have not yet created a minimum viable product, and have no customers, you are in the most difficult period for raising capital.  It can feel very discouraging when you have a passion and a belief that your product or service can make a difference in the world and no one else seems to 'get it'. Our Entrepreneur Mastery Coaching program helps you refine your message and create the documents that will attract the right kind of investors to your opportunity – saving you time, money, and frustration.


Early Stage

You’ve raised a Seed Round.  You have proven your product and proven that there is a market for it.  Now you need capital to really launch and get to profitability. It is all you can do to keep up the pace you have now, taking time to raise capital seems an impossible feat.  How can you raise capital and run your business at the same time? We can help you as an extension of your team.


Growth Stage

You have been in business for a few years, making over a million in revenue, but feel like you have plateaued.  Your investors are wanting you to grow bigger so you can have the exit you originally forecast. You may have a new product you want to bring out, or you want to grow from regional to national.  You just feel in your gut, that if you could get some money to grow, to scale > bring on staff, have a real marketing and advertising strategy to grow market awareness, launch that new product, or acquire another smaller company > you could grow 10 x your size, and exit.  Your investors and your family would be ecstatic. We have a plan for that.


Private Investors

Investing in successful private companies before they go public or are bought is the 2nd greatest way to accumulate wealth that can have generational impact.  Karen Rands started the Compassionate Capitalist Movement to educate men and women with discretionary income and large retirement accounts on how to diversify into private equity, in other words to learn how to become angel investors.  The National Network of Angel Investors is a growing virtual network of community centric and special interest based angel investor clubs. Click to learn more about Karen’s expertise and the services she offers investors and angel groups.


Planning & Strategy

We work with executive teams to align their business goals & capital strategy.  We look at their past performance, current operations, and create a road map for their growth goals. We engage our strategic partners to work with the executive team to eliminate any barriers to attracting capital. We use our experience with and knowledge of the many methods and sources of capital to architect a plan for growing the company revenue and attracting capital to expand.  We identify alternative financing sources to complement equity capital to minimize founders' equity dilution as much as possible.

Design & Execute

When traditional sources of capital reject your request for capital, if you have a plan for growth and a good story to tell, the good news is there are 4 ways to break beyond the barrier between you and your potential investors.  We will work with our partners to design an investor relations campaign that creates trust and influence for the CEO and attracts investors while growing your brand awareness and revenue. Using proven social media marketing tactics and targeted advertising, we will grow your customer base while identifying investors with a special interest in your company.

Investor Relations & Promotion

As your investor relations team, we manage the full loop of communication—from the introduction, due diligence, syndication, and closure. Using our media partners to integrate social media, advertising, and expert interview/video placement for increased credibility and awareness of company and products, we will manage the communication and outreach of your capital marketing campaign, manage the interaction with investors, and measure the effectiveness of the campaign to maximize engagement.  We work with your tech team to develop an investor relations section of your website for easy access to your investor marketing documents. Through that we create a secure web based portal for retention of offering documents & due diligence materials and manage the investors follow up.


Funding Sources

For over 15 years, we have been cultivating relationships with sources of financing that span the spectrum.  Within our confidential database and launch funding network, we have access to over:

  • 500 Private Angel Investors (and growing)
  • 2000 Family Fund Offices
  • 300 Venture Capital & Corporate Venture Funds
  • 120 Private Equity Funds
  • 75 Alternative Lenders and Banks
  • more that are just sources of money.....
Investor Documents

Working with our partners, we offer services to help you create your business plan and pitch deck. If you have a business plan and aren't getting the results you want, we will review your business plan and pitch to make sure they are what investors are looking for and give you specific recommended changes and explain why they are needed. We help you get the documents together you will need to gain the investor’s confidence in your opportunity, during the marketing, disclosure, and non-disclosure phases.

Coach & Mentor

We have an entry level 8 week Capital Mastery Coaching program that will be customized for you and your company to give you the tools and skills you need to be proficient at obtaining capital - More Info

We offer flexible hourly packages to advise on specific issues involving negotiating with investors, best practices terms, creating a kick-ass elevator pitch, and delivering dynamic investor presentation.


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Legacy & Future

The National Network of Angel Investors (NNOAI) is the 3rd generation of an angel group originally formed in Atlanta in 1994:  The Network of Business Angels & Investors (NBA&I).  NBA&I at one point was considered one of the most active groups in the Southeast and was recognized in the top 50 in Inc Magazine.  However, with the fallout from the Great Recession of 2010, and the changes brought about by the JOBS ACT in 2012, we recognized there was a need and an opportunity to re-engineer NBA&I and launch NNOAI.

NNOAI is a virtual online membership of Angel Investors with an intent to lead the Compassionate Capitalist Movement, and over time will facilitate syndication of established angel investor groups and to help establish angel groups identified by their location or their special interest such as:

  • Angel Investor Club for Women
  • Angel Investor Club of Georgia
  • Angel Investor Club of Florida
  • Angel Investor Club of Kansas
  • Angel Investor Club of Ohio
  • Angel Investor Club of New York
  • Affluent Investor Club
  • Crowd Funding Investor Club
  • and so many more
Services for Investors

For the high net worth sophisticated investors we offer services to help them save time and money as they seek to build their portfolio of private equity investments.

  • Due Diligence Review on targeted companies (For more information on this service, click here)
  • Matching with Screened and Vetted investment opportunities
  • Ongoing Education to increase Financial IQ and Deal Analysis - Inside Secrets to Angel Investing
Inside Secrets to Angel Investing

In 2006, Karen Rands released "Learn to be an Angel Investor" as an ebook to give away as a training tool when people joined NBAI.  Today, Karen offers the revamped definitive guide for wealthy men and women to learn how to be an Angel Investor with Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.  With the purchase of the book, investors get free basic membership in NNOAI and access to a resource portal with tools to help investors become Compassionate Capitalists and astute Angel Investors.   CLICK HERE to learn more

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