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The Compassion Capitalist Show

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What is Joyful Leadership? Will it Impact the Company's Bottom Line?

Neeti Dewan joins Karen Rands on the Compassionate Capitalist Show to talk about leadership impact on the financial bottom line of business.  We are familiar with these 5 styles of leadership: Authoritarian | Participative | Delegative | Transactional | Transformational Neeti introduces the impact of Joyful Leadership on employee retention and productivity and developing your Power of Silence as…

Creating Wealth with Smart Investing for Social Good with Martin Saenz

Compassionate Capitalist Show is about wealth creation - 1st as a successful entrepreneur; 2nd as an investor in a successful entrepreneur.  Real estate investing has many parallels to angel investing into entrepreneurs. They can often interchange to be the starting point for creating additional wealth for investing in the other asset class. There is an ongoing…

How to Keep the IRS out of your IPO ROI Pocket with Aaron Rubin

Entrepreneur Founders, Angel Investors, and VCs all want to maximize their Return on Investment, their realized gain, when it looks like there is potential for an IPO with the company. It is hard to predict which startups will navigate the treacherous journey from start to finish of an IPO when the race isn't a sprint,…

Zane Ventures - Access to Startup Capital for Diverse Founders

Just 1.2% of the record $137 billion invested in US startups in the first half of 2021 went to Black entrepreneurs, and only 2% went to women-founded companies, according to a blog post from Crunchbase. If you aren't familiar with the challenges non-white, non-male founders of startups face getting capital in the United States, these…

#1 Method for Employee Attraction and Retention in Current Job Market

Did you know? 44% of the American workforce makes less than $20 an hour and are living paycheck to paycheck. Much of that hourly wage employee sector is considered essential workforce to keep our economy humming, as evident in the pandemic triggered shut down and in the current supply chain crisis. For this Compassionate Capitalist…

Magic, Logic, & Consumer Insight Will Make Your Brand a Best Seller

Siena Dexter joins Karen Rands on The Compassionate Capitalist Show(tm) to talk about the data science of connecting with consumers to choose your brand, your product over a competitor.    How do you create brand loyalty?   How do you interest in a new product or brand so that your target consumer knows what the…

Latina Venture Capitalist Shares Her Entrepreneur Journey to Wealth

Renata Marino joins Karen Rands on the Compassionate Capitalist Show to discuss her unique perspective as a Latina navigating the challenges of startups raising capital, bringing products to market, raising capital, and finally becoming an angel investor herself.  Key discussion points are:  - Expectations that Women, and specifically brown and black women, face and the…

20X Your Sales - People + Processes = Profit with Karl Maier

Karl Maier, Founder of Abunden, joins Karen Rands to talk about how his Abunden Management Toolkit system helps his clients double their sales.  Karen jokes at the start of this show -- that this info is the INSIDE Secret business owners and investors are looking for to actually 20x their sales so they can sell…

LEAN INTO NFTs or DIE! Karen Rands & Heather Havenwood Dish Up Future of NFTs

Karen Rands the Compassionate Capitalist and Heather Havenwood, the Sexy Boss and Internet Influencer, talk about the evolution and revolution of NFTs.  Blockchain will transform business in the future the way the Internet revolutionized EVERYTHING starting in the 90s.   NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens are the key element of that.  NFTs, and how they protect…

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