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The Compassion Capitalist Show

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The Road To Success Requires Tenacity, Perseverance & Video! With Brandon Adams

Brandon T. Adams joins Karen Rands on The Compassionate Capitalist Show to discuss the meaning of success, overcoming setbacks, and the power of possibility when you use video to share your story and connect with your target audience. This episode is geared toward entrepreneurs and the mindset they need to persevere to reach the culmination of…

Real Estate Investing Strategies & Trends with Heather Dreves

Getting started investing in entrepreneurs is very similar to investing in real estate. Karen & Heather delve into the innovative ways real estate investors can use different types of funds to get started in investing with a predictable return, and without all the hassles of searching for good real estate investments and managing those assets…

Tips for Entrepreneurs to Stand In the Heat of Economic Uncertainty

Part of the Legacy Series of the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Podcast, Karen Rands revisits her entertaining interview with Glenn Carver on its 10 year anniversary to revisit entrepreneur stories of how they over came adversity.   With economic uncertainty facing consumers and business owners alike, it is reassuring to hear the stories of how entrepreneurs have faced…

Inside Secrets to Successful Angel Investing in Medical Innovation

Yaniv Sneor, co-founder of the Mid Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA), a life science angel investor group, joins Karen Rands on The Compassionate Capitalist Show to discuss the purpose and process of the investor network. The life cycle and milestones used to measure progress and assess risk of Life Sciences companies as an early stage, pre-revenue…

Angel Investing in BioMed & Life Science Startups with Tico Blumenthol

Investing in Tech Startups is not like investing in Med Tech or Bio Med or Life Sciences.  Listen to hear the best practices for investing in innovation that can change the way we live and thrive.  Karen Rands interviews Tico Blumenthal, Life Science Angels, to share with her Compassionate Capitalist Podcast audience the journey from innovation…

Status of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and How You Play A Role

Angel Investing is at the heart of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement, and it is still the best kept secret for wealth creation.  Karen shares here aha moments - the stories that made her realize the need to write and share the Inside Secrets to Angel Investing in her book and to continue to amplify that…

831B Plan - Could be the Secret to Saving You Business in Hard Times

There are many aspects of a business's ability to thrive that are predictable.   Just as in life, businesses can be negatively impacted by things that can't be predicted and even preventive.    There are legal documents like Buy-Sell Agreements, and insurance products like Key Man Insurance, and technology protocols like continuity and redundancy services. The…

How to Increase Employee Productivity and Make More Money with Brandon Miller

When business owners focus on the strengths of their employees, rather than their shortcomings, they will understand how to boost performance and profit.  'No one wakes up and says I want to be an average employee today (sic)', Brandon Miller during the show.  When you  empower employees to  become peak performers, everyone wins, including the…

Should you? Would you? Develop that App? with AJ Aluthwala

The old, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. isn't a good business strategy. Not 'fixing something in you business could mean that there are hidden expenses and inefficiencies that prevent you from growing at the pace you would like, and potentially create friction with your customers that effect retention. It takes courage to make…

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