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The Compassion Capitalist Show

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The Green Revolution: Investing in Climate Change Technologies for a Sustainable Future with Matt Ward

During this interview, Karen and Matt discusses the importance of investing in climate change technologies and provides insights into how businesses can leverage these investments to make a positive impact on the environment.  It is BIG opptunity to solve the BIG problems and Trillions of dollars will be invested by private investors, institutional investors, corporate…

The Dream Journey: Entrepreneur to Angel Investor to VC with Brad Feld

Brad Feld, the Co-Founder of Techstars, the Managing Director at Foundry VC Group , and author of numerous books as part of the Startup Revolution series, the latest: Startup Boards ( Brad joins Karen to share his fascinating journey from entrepreneur, starting his first businesses while still in college. Early success started him on…

Making Bank with Conscious Capitalism with Guest David Valentine

Using Conscious Capitalism philosophy and unconventional marketing approaches, David Valentine, CEO & Founder of Avadel Agency, was able to rapidly grow his 7 businesses by investing money into his people. David's businesses  have generated over a billion dollars collectively for over 1000 clients, including major brands and fortune 100 companies, and positioned him to be…

Venture Garage: Investing and Growing Startups $0 to $100M in India and Beyond

India, long time source for Tech and Human Resources for American Business, is coming on strong with bringing innovation to the world with home grown startups. A key contributor to that is India's Venture Garage, imagineered by Vivek Kumar, who has cultivated a syndicated network of over 2000 investors and actively working with nearly 90…

Angel Investor Pros Share How They Diversify Their Portfolio to Increase Return on Investment

Experienced Angels know how to mitigate their risk through diversification. This episode of The Compassionate Capitalist Show features Karen Rands as she shares her experience and perspective on diversifying an angel investment portfolio to increase the odds of winning the wealth creation game. Karen attended the Angel Investor Diversification Strategy Panel at the 2022 TiE-Con…

3 Legs, 3 Cs & Why the Entrepreneur is the Hope of the World, with Paul Neal

Debt for a business can be a saving grace for a growing business or a nail in their coffin, if they don't understands the 3 Legs of Lending.  Paul Neal joins Karen Rands on The Compassionate Capitalist Show to explain how to make debt work for a company's growth strategy.  Paul also shares his incites…

What is Bigger than a Unicorn? Unlocking the $Trillion Solar Opportunity with Bill Nussey

Bill Nussey joins Karen Rands on The Compassionate Capitalist Show to talk about the $Trillion 'startup' opportunity that no one is talking about - That is, other than a small group of innovators that see the potential of applying the best practices of innovation advancement that we saw advance the stabiliy, power, and miniturization of…

Why Gold Is Good for Your Investment Portfolio & How to Get Started Investing with Patrick Yip of ONEGOLD

To Invest in Gold Or Not to Invest in Gold? If YES, then how? Karen Rands is joined by Patrick Yip of APMEX and ONEGOLD to share why it may make sense to invest in Gold as an asset class comparable to stocks and bonds. There is renewed interest in Gold as an investment asset…

How to get started as a Crowd Funding Investor with Karen Rands

Millennials ask - How to I get Started with Investing in Companies that are Crowd Funding their opportunities.  Karen answers. Billions of dollars are being invested in companies raising capital directly from the public in legal equity based 'crowdfunding' methods -- Still far under the total capital raised from angels and VCs...(2022 numbers about the…

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