During this entertaining segment of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast, Bob Circosta shares the lessons learned during his legendary career as "TVs  Billionaire Dollar Man" who has sold over $6 Billion in merchandise.   Karen and Bob explore the similarities between selling customers on why buy a product and selling investors on why invest in the company.  A clear message creates the foundation for the story to be presented, and knowing your target and how to get the opportunity in front of them produces the outcome a CEO is seeking.  

Today, Bob helps entrepreneurs create an impactful and profitable pitch to maximize their sales and marketing on various marketing platforms. Bob also co-hosts a live shopping channel called “WHAT A GREAT IDEA with Bob & Chad” and quarterly workshops to help entrepreneurs break through to massive sales growth.  To learn more visit 

Karen Rands helps entrepreneurs get the capital to fuel their growth through the Launch Funding Network and Access to Capital System.   To learn more visit   Also get the best selling primer for Angel Investors > Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.

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