One of the biggest challenges the canna industry faces is getting access to traditional commercial financial services.   In this video/podcast you will learn that as with any new industry that is rapidly growing, even one fraught with regulatory hurdles, there are innovators that figure out how to overcome the challenges so that business can move forward.  Peter Su, VP of BNB Bank, joins Karen Rands to talk about the current state of affairs when providing banking services to business operating from seed to sale in the canna industry.  Karen & Peter talk about the clever work arounds for offering non-cash sales transactions and the regulatory bureaucracy banks must deal with when servicing canna business customers.   You won't believe it.   With the MORE Act pending in congress to decriminalize cannabis (Marijuana) at a Federal level, it is interesting to consider not only what problems it will solve, but also the problems it could create.

Peter Su is the Vice President of BNB, a Private Banking firm providing financial services to Cannabis Companies from Seed to Sale.  He is a Certified Treasury Professional and Cannabis Banking Professional. Peter is member of the Banking and Financial Services committee on the National Cannabis Industry Association.

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Karen Rands is the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, the primer for how to get started investing in entrepreneurs.  Learn more at 

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