Karen Rands takes the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast loos at Cannabis Capitalism in this segment as she is joined by industry expert Jon Stoddard to discuss the things entrepreneurs and investors need to know as they consider the opportunities presented by the burgeoning market for medicinal cannabis.  

Jon spent many years helping entrepreneurs raise capital through Investor Advisory Services such as: Debt and Equity Investments, Crowdfunding, Customer Value Optimization Funnels, CashFlow Strategies and Mergers & Acquisitions. It is all about learning how to tell a compelling story. Like a trailer for a movie, where a great trailer will fill seats, your story will make or break your ability to raise capital. The fundamentals for being a company that can make money and attract capital apply to cannabis businesses too, but in some ways it can be even more difficult, even though it seems like gold rush. 

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Karen has been working with entrepreneurs and investors for over 15 years, aligning their goals to bring innovation to the market, create jobs and generate wealth for all those involved.  It is what she calls Compassionate Capitalism.  With the rapid change in the market and opportunity presented by the different ways that cannabis and hemp have been legalized, she decided to dedicate some of the podcasts to educating entrepreneurs and investors about what to look for and avoid in this new frontier. 

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