Global warming, green economy, sustainability, carbon credits, carbon words that are being discussed a lot more lately than they were in 2013 when Karen first recorded this interview.  It is amazing to consider, the progress we have made on a global basis to acknowledge the threat before us, as climate change becomes undeniable, even if you are a science denier. Yet on the other hand, the powerful special interest groups and the political establishment continue to resist any conversation about the deterioration of our climate and the impact it will have on our economy and the way of life as we know it in the next 20 years.   

Karen listened the original legacy podcast and discovered the simple, yet quite clear, definitions and explanations she and her guest discuss is VERY relevant for even today's audience.  By educating yourself, you can help to make sure the 'green economy', that many are promoting, becomes a way of strengthening businesses to move in a positive direction, not hinder business growth.  Also, by understanding the relevant matter, as an investor, you can be smart at how you put your money to work making money in the green economy.   

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