Working remote and virtual sales teams have become the new normal. Can you establish trust with your customer through a computer screen?  You would be surprised what you can do with a high tech, high touch approach.  

Chris Beall of ConnectAndSell joins Karen to talk about innovative ways to reimagine the sales process and address the biggest productivity killer and motivational challenge sales reps have:  traditional customer telephone engagement.  Here is a high-tech high-touch approach that overcomes the productivity challenges and enables sales rep to do what they do best -- talk to customers, establish rapport and trust, and sell. 

Chris Beall spent 35 years in Silicon Valley working with technology companies from startup to exit  He joined ConnectAndSell 10 years ago as the Chief Product Officer, and as CEO he is taking them to new heights, He is also the host of the popular podcast Learn More, watch a demo, get the ebook home based selling best practices:

Karen Rands is a top podcaster and speaker focused on creating wealth through building and investing in successful entrepreneur endeavors.  She wrote the best selling primer for Angel Investors:  Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.  Her next book focuses on CEO & Founders that are 'stuck' and don't know where to get the money to scale their businesses.   

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