One thing that has been proven again and again through history, is that the financial markets will go up and down.  They will ebb and flow, almost like a life form, like water seeking to flow and find the fissures and pathways to pool together, aggregate and rise.   Karen Rands, as the Compassionate Capitalist Evangelist, and an Economist by training, has a lively discussion with Dr. Mark Thornton of the Mises Institute.  The Mises Institute, part of the Auburn University system, is an economic policy think tank built upon the Austrian Business Cycle Theory that promotes free and capitalist markets.   Dr. Thornton is a leading economist that investigates history, economic matters, financial markets, and key indicators that correlate with market corrections and collapses.   He has written a number of books regarding free markets and the economy.  The Skyscraper Curse: And How Austrian Economists Predicted Every Major Economic Crisis of the Last Century, was profound in its 2009 Recession predictions. Get your free copy.

Karen and Mark explore this theory, market corrections in history not correllated with massive skyscrapers and other potential influences.   They wrap up their conversation with an exploration of a 2020 prediction of a market collapse and the opening of the 1 Kilometer high skyscraper in Saudi Arabia in 2020.  Karen asks about 3 current influences:  Volatility of ICOs, the economic growth of small business as a result of 2012 JOBS Act only now beginning to show impact, and the movement of money out of the stock market to fund the new Opportunity Zone Funds, the infrastructure investment it promises, along with drop in Treasury Revenues.  Tune in to hear the recommendations.