Mazarine Ventures has carved out a successful tech investing strategy with a twist--- Water as the common denominator.  John Robinson, Managing Partner at Mazarine Ventures, joins Karen Rands to talk how Mazarine generates social/environmental impact and financial return by investing in early-stage technology companies with innovations addressing water-related challenges. Water is the protagonist of the problems that capitalist commercial businesses must address to increase profits and longterm viability.  John and Karen talk about how Mazarine came to seek investment opportunities into companies who bring efficiency and risk management tools to agriculture, conservation, commercial property, heavy and light industry, municipalities, or residential homes, and address the resource and capital needs of entrepreneurs from startup to growth stage.  With a deep science and data approach to solving the problems related to water  management, contamination, and purefication, Mazarine is leading the way.

John is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University and spent his early corporate years in China and in the US advising China business enterprise, before starting Mazarine Ventures.  Please visit to learn about the exciting technology advancements they are backing with their Fund I & II, and review the ground zero data & science research they are involved in at their idea incubator SkunkLabs. 

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Karen Rands is the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and works with entrepreneurs and savvy investors to create wealth through funding innovation and creating companies that can scale and exit with a strong ROI.   To learn more, visit


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