Karen Rands builds upon her 3/9/21 podcast The Art of Raising Capital (https://www.karenrands.co/karen-rands-explains-the-art-of-raising-capital-on-the-compassionate-capitalist/) and the 4 Universal Laws of a successful business.  In this video / podcast, Karen digs into the one of the most critical factors an angel investor considers before investing in a startup:  Who, What, Why.   Customer Discovery is critical to a business success... from the start.  When done right, it is iterative like a science experiment until you find the right solution.   Watch/Listen to learn more.... also a couple of inside secrets on how Angel Investors think.   

Watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/TXJkGBiammw

To learn more about the services Kugarand Capital Holdings offers for entrepreneurs and investors to create wealth through building and investing in successful businesses visit http://karenrands.co  Spend some time looking our at customer projects and testimonials.   Hit the contact page and sign up for the Compassionate Capitalist Coffee Break email video tips and learn how to schedule a conversation with Karen.   Also learn more about her Best Selling Primer for Investors wanting to fund innovation and create jobs: Inside Secrets to Angel Investors

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