Karen Rands and Precious Williams discuss the Power of the Pitch to attract growth capital from investors and revenue  dollars from customers.  The 'pitch', when done right, is the most effective tool for raising capital, getting customers, growing your business to get to the first 6 figures, and then scaling beyond to 1M. It is the prime opportunity to tell your company story, explain the value proposition, and engage with your audience to get what you need --whether that is investment capital or customers.  Listen to learn how to prepare and change your messaging for your audience so that you will have a winning pitch.

Precious L. Williams, affectionately known as the #KillerPitchMaster, is a 13-time national business elevator pitch champion. She was featured on Season 8 of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” with Forbes Magazine, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and the Wall Street Journal. Williams is a graduate of Spelman College and Rutgers School of Law, with over 26 years of experience in creating unique speaking and public speaking techniques.

She just released her 3rd book, Pitching For Profit, and sure to join the first two as best sellers.  First Book:  Bad Bitches and Power Pitches Book https://amzn.to/3uzE5Dk with a work book delivered as the 2nd book. Current Book:  "Pitching for Profit:  The Bad Bitches Playbook to Convert Conversations Into Currency" https://www.perfectpitchesbyprecious.com

Karen Rands is the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement.  Karen is successfully informing the next generation of entrepreneurs and investors on creating wealth together.  Learn More:  http://KarenRands.co

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