Frankly, the reason to be an entrepreneur is to create wealth. Revenue and Profit is critical to that outcome. As you will discover in this conversation between Karen Rands & Paul D'Souza, revenue plays a huge role in the decision criteria for acquirers and is key factor in establishing the value of a business.  With so much hype on 'unicorns' and tech companies with huge valuations, it is important to note that the majority of exits are through acquisitions and grounded in tangible and measurable factors. Paul & Karen discuss why investor/funds look to the predictability of revenue flow, pipeline, and process management when identifying good acquisitions. Listen to learn what you need to do get your company on track to generate the revenue you need to achieve your goals and prepare your company for a successful exit.

Paul D'Souza is a Venture Advisor to Loyal VC in Silicon Valley and a mentor at Founder Institute. Previously, he was the sales executive at RWD selling medical communication to the pharmaceutical industry and at Root Consulting focused on business intelligence solutions to fortune 500 companies. His currently offers his expertise as Chief Revenue Officer as a Service. For more information: or

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Karen Rands is the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and passionately teaches financial savvy investors the value of investing in entrepreneurs.  Her best seller, Inside Secrets To Angel Investing is a primer for that audience. Karen works with entrepreneurs seeking to attract funding for growth of their business operations and product launch. For more information and to schedule a free consultation visit


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