Sharon Lechter, coauthor of Exit Rich, joins Karen Rands to talk about the 6Ps and how entrepreneurs can start right and build a business that will enable the founders and their investors to exit rich from when it is time to sell their business.  An unfortunate reality of business ownership is that 8 out of 10 business owners will sell it for pennies on the dollar or not be able to sell their business at all.  This is frustrating and a profound disappointment for those founders and investors that invest time, money & resources into the business in the hopes of a strong ROI.  Listen as Sharon and Karen talk about the 6P Method as a road map for entrepreneurs to start right or get their business on track to be able to maximize the value and sale price for their business.

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Sharon Lechter is an internationally recognized financial literacy expert, keynote speaker and business mentor. She is a New York Times Bestselling author, successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and has enjoyed a 35 year career as a licensed CPA. She has advised two US Presidents on the topic of financial literacy. Sharon co-authored the international bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad and 14 other books in the Rich Dad series and re-energized the classic by Napolean Hill with Think and Grow Rich for Women and Success.

Karen Rands is the author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing and advises investors on how to mitigate risk in their investments in private companies by identifying the red flags that can cause a business to fail.  She helps entrepreneurs create and implement their capital strategy to get the money they need to start and grow their businesses.  Learn more at