Whether you call it a self-fulfilling prophecy or expectancy effect, your internal view of yourself doesn’t let you exceed your "deserve" level – we get in life what we (subconsciously) believe we deserve. Henry Ford described it aptly, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't—you're right.” 

Ed Bohlke, Creator of Deserve Level Coaching, joins Karen on this episode to talk about the hidden barriers, their source and process to break down those barriers that entrepreneurs and executives experience in pursuit of their dream that can cause their business to plateau and derail. This is important for investors to also understand because it can impact their return on the investment in that company.

Ed Bohlke (edbohlke.com DeserveLevel.com) had direct experience in creating success as CEO of Serious IP, Inc, with an IP portfolio of over 140 patents in 60 countries with $25M guaranteed license revenues, raising 35M in financing along the way.  Ed has been perfecting the idea of 'Deserve Level' as he applied it in his own life and now coaches CEOs and Key Executives to help them achieve the success they anticipate.

Karen Rands, the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement, and author of the Best Seller, Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.  She uses her 20+ years experience from working with entrepreneurs and investors to help investors identify the red flags in deal that will cause the company to fail, so they reduce their risk and stop wasting time on deals that won't scale. 

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