One of the Inside Secrets of the Wealthy, true Compassionate Capitalists, is this notion of a 'family office'.  Family offices differ from a high networth individual who hires professional service providers with multiple clients, to advise them about investment, tax and legal matters. Ultra high net worth families, with generational wealth, will create a family office to be dedicated to the specifc capital investment and philanthropic interests of the entire family through an integrative approach to increase their wealth but also to preserve it for generations to come.  Typically that leads to portfolios with traditional investments for preservation and income producing real estate for wealth creation.  

Listen to learn how Jamie Rhode, the Vice President at Verdis Investment Management, helped this family office diversify their portfolio in to private ventures, venture capital and private equity... investing in companies not yet on a public stock exchange.  Learn of their methodical data driven approach to establishing their investment mandate, sourcing, risk management and due diligence to provide for the current generation and build wealth for 3 generations into the future through venture investing strategicly.  Karen and Jamie discuss the data science & resources used to mitigate the risk when looking for the breakthrough innovations for vintage year 2021.

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