Karen Rands is joined by Nick Fredrick of Rebar Technology to discuss the business process management and best practices for business owners and investors to consider implementing to retain customers, prevent charge backs, maximize customer lifetime value, and protect their merchant processing capacity when offering a subscription based SaaS platform or application. SaaS businesses risk losing business and merchant service processing when they don't know what they don't know about charging subscribers and make these mistakes.

Nick Fredrick is an experienced operational and technology leader with a deep focus on enhancing customer relationships. Currently, he is the president of Rebar Technology Solutions, LLC -- A subscription Management Software Service.  Rebar Technology Solutions, LLC  was created to help companies needing support with subscription technology and operations. Nick and his team of 12 have processed billions of dollars in transactions. His expertise brings his clients improved revenue and reduced expenses, while implementing systems that scale faster and with greater stability. http://rebartechnology.com

Karen Rands is a top podcaster and speaker focused on creating wealth through building and investing in successful entrepreneur endeavors. She wrote the best selling primer for Angel Investors: Inside Secrets to Angel Investing and is working on her next book for CEO & Founders that are 'stuck' and don't know where to get the money to scale their businesses.

To learn more about the programs and services for entrepreneurs and investors, visit http://karenrands.co 

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