Listen (or watch) as Shachar Oren of Sound Media Ventures shares his journey from boot strapped startup to successful exit to lead a Media Tech VC firm in Atlanta. Karen first met Shachar nearly 2 decades ago when he was raising capital for Neurotic Media and wanted to present to her angel group, the Network of Business Angels & Investors.  Shachar's journey as an entrepreneur gave him keen insights into the concepts of growth hacking, lean start up, boot strapping, raising capital, and getting to a profitable exit. His experience has provided an unique perspective as an angel investor and venture capitalist sitting on the opposite side of the table.  Shachar also shares his insights as to what he looks for when considering investments in the emerging field of Media Tech. Enjoy their conversation and learning moments.

Shachar Oren is the Founder & CEO of Sound Media Ventures, a VC firm that invests in companies at the nexus of media and technology. Previously, Shachar founded Neurotic Media, a high-tech music platform that served global Fortune 500 brands for 18 years, and sold to Peloton Interactive in 2018.  Shachar serves as the President of Georgia Music Partners, and advises startups in technology, media and entertainment through organizations such as TechStars Music, GA Tech's Create-X, and GSU Main Street and active in the growing entrepreneur/investor ecosystem in Georgia.   For more information please visit:

Karen Rands is a sought after adviser to entrepreneurs seeking capital and investors seeking help in evaluating angel investment opportunities.  Her book, Inside Secrets to Angel Investing and resource portal, is the best selling primer for new angel investors.  For more info, visit

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