The very nature of investments is speculative -- Real Estate, Stock Markets, even Angel Investing, can all lose value based on factors outside the control of the investor.  Jonathon K. DeYoe joins Karen Rands to discuss the concept of Mindful Money -- having a plan for investing so emotion doesn't kill your wealth and you can hedge against unforseen and unexpected black swan events that can cause investment sectors and assets to collapse in value.  During this podcast you will learn that investors do not have to choose between a tremendous financial outcome and living a happy, meaningful life.  With these simple principles, you can accumulate and protect your wealth, and avoid the stress and worry about your financial future. 

Jonathan DeYoe started his own financial services firm in California after a storied career on Wall Street.   He saw value in helping families build a beachhead against the invevitable financial storms, regardless of what administration is in office or financial malfeasance has been committed by industry juggernauts or even the next viral outbreak.  His team at Mindful Money work one on one with three hundred families and foundations.  Jonathan is the author of the best selling book "Mindful Money". He has been interviewed for the The WSJ and is a contributor to Huffington Post. Visit

Karen Rands is a sought after adviser to CEOs and Investors seeking to create generational wealth through building successful entrepreneur endeavors.  Learn more about the services she offers and get an excerpt of or buy her best selling book Inside Secrets to Angel Investing at

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