With more people working from home and future of work likely to continue to be distributed, it is very important for Business Owners, CTO & CIOs to consider the vulnerability of their IT infrastructure, networks and data.  It isn't just the computer that employee is using, it is the home network they are on and all the other people in their household using the same network creating cracks that hackers, viruses, and malware can enter.  

Shamil Mendis, VP of Sales & Marketing at Evicio, a business solutions provider focused on security, automation & staff augmentation, joins Karen Rands on the Compassionate Capitalist Show to discuss the challenges and solutions for maintaining the security and integrity of business owners' data and operations with a remote workforce.   

Prior to joining Evicio, Shamil Mendis had decades of experience at the intersection of leadership, customer engagement, and business consulting. As a graduate of the University of Southern California, and a Gallup Certified Coach, Shamil has helped launch and advise startups in cutting edge technologies.  For more info: http://evicio.com 

Karen Rands is the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and has spent nearly 20 years helping entrepreneurs bring innovation to the market, get funded, and grow to be profitable businesses.   With her best selling book, Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, she is bringing more smart capital to the market to invest in entrepreneurs and share in the wealth created without all the risks.  For information about her book and services, and to sign up for her 'Compassionate Capitalist Coffee Break' tips for entrepreneurs, visit http://karenrands.co

Also available on Youtube: https://youtu.be/L8j4uqrtwyE


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