eSports, traditionally a term for playing video games in tournaments, has evolved to be so much more. Listen as Karen Rands talks with industry insider & investor, Ben Godfrey, about how block chain and tech is transforming the sports fan experience and the opportunities ahead.

Since the first electronic video game tournament in 1972 at Stanford University, eSports has grown steadily.  Yet the growth in the last 5 years has been astonishing.  In 2015, eSports revenue was estimated to be $325M, with 235M participants, roughly $1.40 per.  In 2020, eSports is expected to generate $1.4B with 589M participants, translating to $2.37 per.  Fan enthusiasm is clear and profitable as a whole industry has grown around this.  The advancement in electronics, connectivity, and digital tracing has helped fuel its growth.  With growth comes problems and opportunities.   The development of block chain technology is a contributing factor.  Also the revelation that most sports fans have a digital footprints, traditional sports are realizing the opportunities that exist for them to intersect with eSports arena gaming, utilize block chain technology to eliminate theft and fraud, and integrate digital tracking tech to create additional revenue streams and better fan engagement.

Karen Rands is  the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, a primer for investors to learn how to invest in private companies and reap the greatest return on investment possible.

Ben Godfrey is an expert in eSports as an investor and entrepreneur.  He founded Global Sports, Inc. in 2017 and  SportVEST VC Fund in 2018.  He recently exited SportVEST.