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Karen Rands, leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement, is joined by Suresh Sharma, author of The 3rd American Dream, an insightful book about innovation and entrepreneurship which offers ideas for creating successful entrepreneur ecosystems for communities and building our entrepreneur economy on a national level.  Karen and Suresh will talk about the state of entrepreneurism in America with the growth in incubators & accellerators and the new ways for investors and entrepreneurs to connect as a result of the 2012 JOBS Act. 

Suresh is a former GE-executive turned successful entrepreneur, with a remarkable international journey of excellence to unleash the full potential of people and organizations through innovation, technology, global operations, strategy, entrepreneurship and investments.  He is, as Karen sees it, a true Compassionate Capitalist that has invested time, knowledge, resources, and money into helping entrepreneurs bring innovation to market, create jobs, and create wealth for all those involved.  Suresh currently serves  as a Managing Partner or Partner in a number of PE/VC firms.  Learn more at  

Karen is the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing and believes that every investor should be adding investing in private companies as an asset class to their portfolio.  It is the second best way to create wealth, entrepreneurism being the first.  Join the Compassionate Capitalst Movement by signing up for Karen's video tip series for entrepreneurs and investors at  and get the book & over $900 of tools & resources at