Women find themselves a minority in tech companies, even in Silicon Valley.  Fewer find themselves in as co-founders of companies that go through multiple rounds of venture capital and scale successfully to be an acquisition target, or with potential for an initial public offering.  Minnie used her success to become compassionate capitalist and invest her time, knowledge, experience and money into other startups, first as an angel investor then as a venture capitalist.    Minnie Ingersoll has done all of this and has valuable insights to share with Karen's Compassionate Capitalist Podcast audience.   

Minnie Ingersoll is s partner at TenOneTen Ventures and has quite an impressive resume; she was an early product manager at Google for over a decade before she co-founded (and became COO of) Shift, an online marketplace for used cars that she scaled to $100M. Minnie combines her expertise as an investor and in building and scaling startups to educate and support the entrepreneurs who are shaping the future. 

Karen Rands is the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing and the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement.   Having worked with entrepreneurs and investors for over 15 years, she believes the greatest source of wealth is being a successful entrepreneur, the second greatest is to be an investor in a successful entrepreneurial endeavor.   This show is her platform to spread that message.  Visit KarenRands.co to learn more.