Tom Perrone of New England Consulting Group of Guilford (NECGGINC) joins Karen to talk about the business blue print to go from a startup's Survival Stage to the Growth Stage and ultimately to the Transition Stage for a positive exit that brings the founders and their investors the wealth they seek. Without a blueprint, a clear plan a move through the universal stages of business growth, a company may find themselves stuck, or in the slow death of inefficiency, stagnation, and ultimate loss of value, revenue, bankruptcy.   Karen & Tom share ideas, strategies, and techniques to help business owners grow their operations with efficiency to maximize the greatest future value for their business and protect it from the four major causes of an abrupt exit. 

In addition to NECGGINC, Tom runs the Business and Planning Benefit Planning Group (, the podcast Your Business Worth and the author of Unlocking your Business DNA - Cracking the Code to a Better Business, Bigger Proftis and More Time at the Beach. Tom started in the financial planning business in 1970 and has developed ongoing planning strategies to help his clients hold on to their wealth, avoid financial land minds, and lower their taxes.  

Karen Rands is a top podcaster and speaker focused on creating wealth through building and investing in successful entrepreneur endeavors.  Karen is successfully informing the next generation of entrepreneurs and investors to join the Compassionate Capitalist Movement!  Learn More:

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