Wes Robinson of Robinson Capital joins Karen Rands on the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast to share how he got started investing and grew his portfolio to create generational wealth that now offers venture financing for midcap growth stage companies.   Listen how Robinson Capital's Venture Division uses a proprietary hedging method which enables then to fund opportunities that most would tend to avoid.  Robinson Capital is not industry specific or sector specific, which also means that we do not avoid certain sectors. They judge each opportunity on its own merits and their proprietary hedging method profides the flexibility to be deal agnostic.  Wes describes his approach as being a relationship guy, who prefers close a large transaction over a drink, cigar and a handshake; a refreshing approach in the world of power point pitches and proformas. 

Investors will gain insight into an approach for hedging opportunities they may consider.   Entrepreneurs will learn more about the opportunity to obtain growth capital in this unique way and what will be required to secure the funding. 

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