David Barnett joins Karen Rands again on the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast Show to discuss the concept of 'invest local'.  Locally Grown, Farm to Table, Small Business Saturday, and Shop Local are all trends that serve to enhance a community and make it more sustainable.  Few know about the opportunity to Invest Local as a way for investors at all levels to increase their wealth by providing debt notes or equity investments to local businesses they value in their community.  It is a compassionate capitalist strategy that is built upon relationship and trust.   Listen as Karen and David discuss wealth creation through investing in local businesses with as little as a few thousand dollars. 

David Barnett discovered how to make money investing/lending money to local business owners on his journey to be a best selling Author, sought after Speaker, valued Advisor and Former Business Broker.  He walks the walk as he talks the talk.   Learn more and get his book:  Invest Local 

Karen Rands discovered angel investing and compassionate capitalism as a wealth creation strategy as she left the corporate world to go to work for a start up to bring innovation to market and get funding.   Like so many, she thought that startup capital came from venture capitalists.  She quickly discovered a whole segment of investors that invested to create wealth, but also to have an impact on the innovation being introduced to the world and jobs being created in the local community.  To demystify this area of asset investing for savvy investors she wrote the best selling book Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.  Click to get free sample