Kyle Duford, The Brand Leader, joins Karen Rands, The Compassionate Capitalist Movement Leader, to discuss branding and how it connects with customers to be an authentic expression of the corporate culture and vision. They kick off their discussion by defining what a brand is and the role it plays in attracting customers, and then how it can impact a company and their customer relationships in the marketplace when the perception of their brand is harmed by controversy. Using the Netflix/Chappelle current events as the back drop, Karen & Kyle explore the nuances of a brand's public persona and their stated commitment to diversity & inclusion, and the effect when they don't live up to the expectation they have set with their employees and the marketplace. They wrap up by looking at how to maintain a corporate culture that is congruent with your company's public persona and brand when you return to the office, as many are, and discover new conflicts based on beliefs and behaviors.

Kyle Duford was the founding publisher and editor of americanTRI magazine, gaining momentum with the booming tri-athlete boom,  and ultimately selling to a competitor. Kyle started The Brand Leader, consulting for active lifestyle brands and specializing in crafting outstanding experiences for global brands. Kyle's unique blend of design, branding, and digital best practices lends itself to creating and leading some of the foremost brands. Learn more at:

Karen Rands, the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and author of the Best Seller, Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, is an authority on creating wealth through investing and building successful businesses that can scale and exit rich.  Visit to learn how to hire her firm to identify the red flags of deal before you invest or try to raise capital.



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