The Compassionate Capitalist show, with host Karen Rands, is dedicated to helping Investors and Entrepreneurs understand the rules of the game when creating generational wealth.  With the advent of Direct to the Public offerings via the REG D 506c and REG A+, investors have great freedom to gain access to private company stocks in a 'retail' like environment, but with the added benefit of similar upside potential as with a pre-IPO company.   However with great Freedom comes great Responsibility.   Investors must have the discipline to consider only stocks from companies that embrace the concept of transparency and full disclosure.  Furthermore, they must be willing to increase their business savviness and financial IQ in order to make their own investment decisions rather than rely soley on a financial planner to make recommendations.  

With the dynamic of Transparency, Entrepreneurs must also realize that unlike the situations they may experience with traditional angel investors, venture capital firms, and even with market-makers driving a strike price for an IPO, raising capital directly from the full market of potential investors means that there is much more 'steak' than 'sizzle' when it comes to getting buying decisions.  Stocks are not 'bought' like on the retail public market, they are sold.  

This broadcast will dig into what Investors can do to insure there is transparency in the process of making a buying decision.  Entrepreneurs will learn more about what is expected to maximize full value of your stock in the proposed offering. 

Investors can learn more about the investment process with "Inside Secrets to Angel Investing" found at