Compassionate Capitalists, Karen Rands, will interview the CEO & Founder, Faisal Hoque, of BTM Corporation. BTM will be presenting at the upcoming NBAI Investor event, so this is a sneak peek of this exciting company. BTM is forging an entirely new space in the technology sector: Business Technology Convergence & Management. With strong sales, a growing pipeline, and extensive products & IP, this company is one to watch and learn from. Faisal Hogue was recently named one of the top 100 (#55) most influential People in Technology (along with Oracles Larry Ellison, Apple's Steve Jobs, and Microsoft's Steve Balmer. BTM has twice been named one of the latest growing technology companies in North America in the annual Deloitte Technology Fast 500. Tune In to hear their exciting story and future direction. If you want the full investor story, plan to attend the NBAI meeting on Aug 12 of their follow up briefing the week of Aug 17. Fill out the contact us form on our website