In a tight capital market it is important to learn form those entrepreneurs that have figured out the secrets to not only surviving but thriving. Cameron Cress, a co-founder of the hot new online community for golfers, Play Golf Planet (, will join Karen Rands on the Compassionate Capitalist Radio show to share the experiences they gained as they raised seed capital, lived with the rejection from "business angels" to go on an build one of the fastest growing online communities for Golf Fanatics. Some have called it the "priceline" for Golfers seeking to play at the most prestigious golf courses, but at a discount. Golf Course owners and managers see it as the saving grace for them to more effectively market their golf courses, reach directly to their target market, book more Tee Times and to increase their revenues. Tune in to hear how this company survived the gauntlet to not just launch their business but to send it to the stratosphere.