Karen Rands shares the 'inside secret' to her business venture review process.   For over a decade she used this proprietary method for assessing the risk of investing in startup and early stage entrepreneur business opportunities for the angel investors in her angel investor group, Network of Business & Angel Investors.    Using this approach, Karen's team creates a report to share their findings and insights with a recommendation for a Red, Yellow, Green Light for moving forward.  Companies earning Red or Yellow reports also recieve recommendations on what to fix and modify.  

Karen reviews and explains the key elements of the summary report created from interviewing the Founder and reviewing the company business plan, exec summary, pitch deck, financial forecast and offering terms. 

Key categories of the report and explained here are: 

Overall packaging and presentation of information

Accuracy & Currency

Target Market & Market Positioning

Unique Selling Proposition

Competition & Barrier to Entry


Management & Advisory Board

Investment Structure and ROI

Conclusion (Red, Yellow, Green light for moving forward)

New angel investors learn the importance of considering these aspects of a business venture when they purchase Karen's best selling primer, Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, actually read the book, apply the steps at the end of each chapter, and join the National Network of Angels Investors and gain access to the investor resource portal.  

To get the book:  http://InsideSecretstoAngelInvesting.com

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