Part of the Legacy Series of the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Podcast:

Karen Rands talks with David Tyreman, the Best Selling Author/Speaker & Brand Identity Specialist, on how entrepreneurs can protect their ability to differentiate their business and their brand through non-conformity.  Often times, we don't even realize we have become anonymous with our brand and business identity. 

David has helped differentiate and develop brand identity for some of the best-known companies in the world, including Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, and Disney. He has been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and many other TV shows, magazines and newspapers.

Tune in for this half hour information packed show to learn key insights for entrepreneurs of all size companies:

· What a well-defined brand identity WILL do for your business

· The vital distinction between branding and brand identity

· The myth about logos, icons and design in building your brand

· Why authentic brands become market leaders

And, why your business deserves to be WORLD FAMOUS. 

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