Karen Rands has a very frank and informative talk on what it takes to successfully raise capital in this segment of the Compassionate Capitalist Show.   With over 20 years experience in working with entrepreneurs to provide access to capital, originally through pitch events to the angel group, Network of Business Angels & Investors (NBA&I) she managed and rebuilt to be one of the top 50 in the country according to Fortune Mag List of Angel Investor Groups, and at the big mult-day conference Southeast Private Equity Conference (SPEC) and now through general solicitation (crowd finance), and teaching entrepreneurs to be self sufficient in raising capital, she knows what she is talking about and does not sugar coat it.  

Entrepreneurs from idea stage to growth stage will benefit from this information, of course, but also investors that are working with startups as mentors or active investors.   She gives specific examples and offers practical how to information.   In this episode, you will learn the 4 questions that you must answer for investors to advance to the next step of process when pitching for investment.   You will also learn the 2 things that doom an entrepreur to failure when raising capital ---and so many of them do these 2 things. 

Karen literally wrote the book for newbie investors to make sure they understand these elements too, so they don't make a bad angel investment:  Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.   If investors listen to her, and hundreds of entrepreneurs have found success through her knowledge and methods --- you should too. 

Karen talks about going deeper in to this content for entrepreneurs through her workshops and coaching program.   To learn more and sign up for a free consultation:  Go to http://karenrands.co and scroll down