Fantasy football that is.  Diane Bloodworth, CEO - Founder - Visionary behind the software football lovers around the world use to WIN at Fantasy Foodball.  Diane's company, Competitive Sports Analysis, Inc offers scoutPRO as the tool used by the top Fantasy Football players to prepare pre-season for accurate NFL draft picks and helps the GM optimize their roster each week of the season.  ScoutPro provides accurate data in recommendations based Objective Statistics (rushing, passing, etc), Subjective Data (injuries, weather, etc) and insight from Fantasy Football Experts.
So how did a woman break the barrier of this male dominated sport to bring top ranking software to the market and make it a "gotta have it tool" for men around the world?  Tune in as Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist, interviews Diane to discover the vision, passion, and determination that is taking this entrepreneur from idea to launch to dominance in the marketplace.
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