This Compassionate Capitalist radio segment, hosted by Karen Rands, is dedicated to maximizing the worth of your Intellectual Property - as it relates to your internal use, your competitive position in the market place, and your company's value to the investors. 
Barry Brager, Founder and Managing Partner of Perception Partners joins us to share his expert knowledge.  Perception Partners is a Global advisery firm that helps companies and investors understand, quantify and maximize the value derived from innovation and intellectual property. They enable their client to increase revenues and profits with by getting the Story Behind the Story™ in R&D, IP and M&A.
Barry is recognized as a leader in the IP industry. In 2009, 2010 and again in 2011, Barry was named one of the world's Leading IP Strategists in the global IAM250, published by IAM Magazine. Barry holds three patents himself and others pending related to the use of mobile phones a remote control devices.  Barry is a frequent speaker on IP strategy, valuation and the links between patent intelligence and competitive advantage.
We welcome Barry to the show to share with our entrepreneur and investor audience 3 key aspects of IP protection and valuation market place:
What should smaller/mid size businesses be doing to improve their IP strategy in the coming year?  How can entrepreneurs benefit from the trend of "open innovation?"  What advice would you give to those seeking to monetize their patent portfolios in the near future?
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