During this Compassionate Capitalist radio show, Ian Adlington of Newport Capital Ventures will join Karen Rands, of  Kugarand Capital Holdings (Launchfn) to discuss the great strides that have been made recently in monetizing carbon credits, specifically black carbon.   They will look the impact that has on the availability of capital for innovation in energy and sustainability related projects.
In 2009, Ian first joined Karen to discuss the prospect of carbon credits becoming the foundation for the next economic bubble.  They explored the differences in carbon credits, how value is assessed, and the way different world regions approached the monetization and trade of carbon credits.  LISTEN
This show will bring listeners up to speed on the latest developments for the monetization of carbon credits in the world market and more specifically how this impacts how entrepreneurs bring innovation to the market and how investors can maximize their return on investment when this asset class is in play.
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