You know you need to raise capital, but how? Do you go the traditional Angel Investor to VC that most tech companies follow or is one of the 5 ways to solicit for investment from the public (Crowd Funding) the best route for your company? In this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast, Karen will explore which methods are best for the specific companies raising capital, and when should strategies be integrated.

Since the JOBS Act of 2012, 5 methods for raising capital from a crowd found have been added to the traditional pipeline of Friends & Family, to Angel Groups, to VCs. They are Reward Based CrowdFunding, Equity Based CrowdFunding (REG CF), Intrastate Crowdfunding, REG D 506c and Reg A+.

Karen has worked with entrepreneurs and investors for over 15 years, educating them on the best practices to succeed in business and get the funding necessary to reach their goals... for the company seeking capital and the investor seeking to get a good return on their investment. Karen Rands uses her podcast platform to amplify her message that the greatest way to create wealth is to have a successful entrepreneur endeavor, and the 2nd best way is by being an investor in a successful start up the scales and exits by selling the company or going through an initial public offering. She is the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing that is a primer for those seeking to increase their wealth by owning a percentage of multiple private companies. To learn more about Karen's company and the services they offer to entrepreneurs and investors, and to get her book, please visit Subscribe, Rate/Like to the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast.