Less than two weeks into the New Year, you likely have already experienced these two success killers:

Stress  &   Procrastination

Stress is a killer.   Procrastination is an avoidance behavior that often is the root cause of additional stress, creating a deteriorating cycle on sub-par performance that can directly impact mental, physical, and financial health.   As we anticipate a more productive and fruitful 2013, the timing for this topic is ideal.   Ellen Sichel, Pres. of Custom Calm & author of Splash into Calm, will share key elements of living a stress free life, avoiding procrastination, creating margins in your life, and getting the results you desire.

Ellen works with business owners on worker productivity issues stemming from common issues of stress, pain, and illness.  She provides the stress mitigation programs for Cancer patients at Northside Hospital and the Weinstein Center, GA.  Her programs have proven to have a direct impact on the improved productivity of a company's workforce.  
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