During this Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show, Karen Rands will explore the pros and cons of posting your business opportunity on an online site to attract capital.  Many companies will throw money at the wall and give such online portals as Go Big Network, VFinance, and NuQuest a shot to post their business plans in the hopes of finding the proverbial investor in a haystack.  Do they work?  How effective are they at gaining you access to capital?  Are they legal?
And what about the investors?  Do they find value in joining these online portals?
We've researched them and have our own insights we will share during this segment.  But, we also want to encourage our listening audience to call in and share your experiences.
So please, if you are company that has posted on any online portal, or if you are an investor who sources deals or have been a part of an online portal, please call in to share your experiences.