Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist returns with a topic that is currently firing up the court systems.  Protecting the intellectual property of people's creations--music, applications, videos, pictures, content, ideas..is a challenge when with a few keystrokes and a click of a button, that original creation can be shared with thousands, even millions, in the social media world we live in.
Sometimes the creator loves that exposure and "going viral" can lead to big bucks.  Other times the creator discovers that now they have no rights to own that creation to make money on it or face a costly legal battle.
Tune into hear industry expert Deborah Gonzalez, Esq of Law2SM talk about this hot area for entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone seeking to make a presence and benefit from the use of social media. Deborah graduated from New York Law School in 1997, starting a private practice in NY before relocating to Georgia.
An excerpt from Deborah's blog:  Social media platforms, smart phones and applications are changing the way we conduct business and interact socially with friends, family, and colleagues. ...developing  applications for it has become a billion dollar business, as well as a fun hobby for techies who enjoy the challenge of creating the next best thing and competing in the open market of creativity.
But it is not all fun and games.  The financial payouts and consequences of social media for those involved, including vendors, developers, and clients, are becoming more apparent.  New cases emphasizing social media mistakes costing reputations, resources, and jobs are becoming just as common as new releases of applications and putting everyone on alert. 
Welcome to the high tech world of social media, technology and the law.  READ ON AND TUNE IN