Karen Rands is joined by Michael Sakraida to discuss the evolution of "Sustainable Investing". SRI or Sustainable Investing can mean Sustainable, Responsible, Impact investing or Socially Responsible Investing, but few really know what qualifies as SRI. Mainstream investment philosophy creates confusion as if there is a trade off between investing to do good or investing to make money. Compassionate Capitalism and Sustainable Impact Investing align -- as both intend to put their money to work in investments that have positive impact.  However CC's approach is broad, focused on funding innovation and job creation.  SRI seeks investments where the culture, operations and outcome of the investment will have a lingering positive impact.  We will discuss the gap between Sustainable Investing that even Sustainable Unaware" and "Sustainable, I Don't Care" investors and advisors want to be a part of because they can make money while they are doing good.

Michael, founder of FAN - Financial Advisor Network (fanresources.com), wrote an Open Letter on Impact Investing to call attention to how mainstream investment advisors can offer guidance to incorporate SRI into the over all investment philosophy for an entire portfolio. Read Here

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