Listen to Karen Rands and Teresa Esser talk about helping entrepreneurs apply best practices for raising capital from Angel Investors AND Venture Capitalists.  Private capital seeks opportunities that are unique with a strong market potential and validated business model.  Those are the tangible requirements.   The intangible, the subjective side of the process to raise capital is harder to define, but just as with a successful sales strategy, there is trust and relationship involved.

With her first hand knowledge of what it takes to build and exit a successful tech startup and her experience as an angel investor in 40 early stage companies with nine exits which provided investors returns between 2X and 20X their initial investment, Teresa Esser knows the inside secrets to building strong companies that can go global and get funding from angel investors through to VCs.   As the author of The Venture Cafe, and founder of a global foundation that hosts weekly networking events in eleven cities around the world, her finger is on the pulse of entrepreneurial innovation and growth.  Teresa is the Managing Director of the Silicon Pastures Angel Investment Network, General Partner of an early stage venture capital fund, and manager of the private equity strategy for a multi-family office.

Karen Rands managed an Angel Investor network for over a decade and has interviewed hundreds of angel investors about their best practices.   That knowledge and experience was the foundation for her best selling finance book, Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, intended to be a primer for new investors getting started with investing in entrepreneurs as a wealth creation strategies.  This is the cornerstone of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement.