Cameron MacPherson has a Big Idea he is calling The Next Giant Leap.  MacPherson's publication of The Next Giant Leap offers open-source blueprints for communities to implement systems that can solve resource scarcity, reduce climate change and contribute to a growing thriving economy.  With every product, there is a by-product.  With every action, there is a reaction.  The Next Giant Leap systems interlink and interact so that those by-products and reactions are used to solve another problem or produce another resource for the betterment of the community and HumanKind. 

Cameron and Karen explore these ideas and the concept of "collective capitalism" extensively on this episode of the Compassionate Capitalism Show, yet still only hit the highlights.   To learn more and get your own copy of The Next Giant Leap manifesto, visit:

We are seeking to shift a mindset from make, take, use, dispose TO make, take, use, reuse, recycle--- to minimize waste as we repurpose it to create abundance for humankind.  The Next Giant Leap can make the Green New Deal viable.

Cameron MacPherson is a technologist and futurist who is passionate about social advancement. An enterprise systems analyst and software developer by trade, he leveraged his academic background in political science with his engineering perspective to create a new model: Collective Capitalism

Karen Rands is visionary and passion behind the Compassionate Capitalist Movement.   To learn more about how Karen helps entrepreneurs and investors in their quest for wealth, please visit and sign up for her Compassionate Capitalist Coffee Breaks and get a copy of her best seller primer for angel investors:  Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.