In an era of social isolation and financial uncertainty, are angel investors still investing? How are they sourcing deals and reviewing new opportunities? Are angel investors holding back like they did in 2009?  Is the optimism in the market? Have the angel networks shifted their opportunity areas or changed the stage of opportunity they are seeking? Listen to learn the answers to these questions and so much more. 

This episode of the The Compassionate Capitalist Podcast will explore the creative ways that angel investor networks are staying in the game to make investments in innovation, grow small business and job creation.   Karen Rands is joined by Barry Etra, who runs two Entrepreneur / Angel Investor forums in Atlanta. The first is the RAISE Forum, which focuses on local early-stage companies in an effort to fund more local companies at higher levels and to keep them in the SE. The second is the Atlanta chapter of the Keiretsu Forum, that sources emerging growth companies on the East Coast providing them access to investment capital from the the largest and most active Angel Investment network in the world, with 52 chapters on 3 continents. To get more information

Karen Rands is nationally recognized for her expertise in entrepreneurs' access to capital and the best selling author of the financial primers for angel investors:  Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.   She ran one of the most active angel investor group in the Southeast and pioneered the Entrepreneur/Investor conferences in Atlanta before the 2009 recession spooked investors who took their money out of the market.   Karen launched the Compassionate Capitalist Movement then. Learn More