When it comes to Compassionate Capitalism, as with any investment Due Diligence is a critical part of the investment decision process.  What is it exactly?  What do investors look for?  What should entrepreneurs have ready?  What are the best practices for the Due Diligence records?   Listen to this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Podcast for the Answers.  

Karen Rands, as the author of the bestselling investor primer: Inside Secrets to Angel Investor, emphasizes Due Diligence throughout the book and provides templates and tools for investors in the investor portal that comes with the purchase of the book:  Learn More and get a free ebook of 12 of the 46 Inside Secrets.   Her firm, Kugarand Capital Holdings, assists company founders and C-level executives to understand what their funding options are and the strategy to attract the capital.   As Managing Director for the National Network of Angel Investors, Karen assists Angel Investors and Groups with Due Diligence best practices.  Learn More KarenRands.co

Karen's guest on this episode is Graham Gintz, serves as the Sourcing and Fundraising Associate at Techstars Social Impact, is a diligence analyst at Atlanta Technology Angels, and holds an MBA from Georgia Tech.  Graham is the Founder of Knightley, which provides founders a ready-made data room to help organize their business for growth and any future fundraising processes. Knightley is Graham's 3rd company as a founder, and he has served as a first 10 employee at 3 other investor backed startups.  To learn more about Knightley and try out their due diligence portal visit:   Knightley.co