There is such a buzz about being "on facebook", or do you 'twitter'?!...Can these platforms, assist a business owner, investor, or business advisor to actually help achieve business objectives...whether that be directly in your business or indirectly in a business you are working with?
The jury is still out on the effective use of blogs to increase revenues even though the blog world grows at an alarming rate every day!
But with MILLIONS using social media sites such as facebook, twitter, myspace, and ning, there must be a way to make them pay, and not just be a way to play.
Tune in to hear the direct experience of Karen Rands, and co-host Ken Brown, the new media Guru, discuss their experiences in engaging and mastering these new media communities for business purposes. We invite you to share your experience as well if you have discovered a tip or technique to master these social media communities for business.