Hydroponic and Vertical Farming is a technoligical advancement in agriculture that shows great promise in creating sustainable farming, reducing environmental impact, and improving access to produce in densely populated communities.  

Eddy Badrina is CEO of Eden Green Technology, a vertical farming technology company dedicated to changing the way we farm our food and feed our communities with their regenerative business model.  Eddy joins Karen Rands on this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast to talk about the advancement of this Agro-Tech for economies of scale for making this an affordable and effective method for urban farming.  In one year, a 1.5 acre greenhouse built with Eden Green’s technology (on a roof top or in repurposed empty office and retail locations) can grow 2.7 million heads of leafy greens and harvest 11-13x more times than a traditional farm, while using exponentially less energy and water than a typical greenhouse.

Visit https://www.edengreen.com/ to learn more about the technology and the company mission to help the world grow produce locally to end food insecurity and regional food dependence, and more how their regenerative business model is profitable and offers community impact sufficient to sustain charitable contribution of 10% of the product for non-profits in the community. 

Karen Rands is the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement, dedicating to bringing more resources, capital, and accessibility to entrpreneur endeavors to bring innovation to the market, create jobs, and wealth for all those involved.   Learn more about how Karen and her team work with entrepreneurs and investors to succeed at http://karenrands.co 

This podcast is also recordes as a youtube video: https://youtu.be/85oVrF0UYQw


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